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ALIVE is a book presented as a blog series about human life from its inception. It studies the purpose of life, the philosophy of life, and the difference between physical life and spiritual life. The book does this by delving into the relationship between humankind and its invisible but highly active and involved Creator.

Based on Biblical narrative ALIVE enters major events and fleshes them out. In so doing ALIVE makes discoveries about the origins and evolution of human life.

ALIVE combines imagination and scriptual accuracy to develop the themes of what it means to be much more than physically ALIVE. Although imaginative, ALIVE never contradicts Scripture. Enjoy and learn.

The Bride's Year

This is a series of posts that make up a story describing the Year of The Church. The Church is The Bride of Christ who will be married to Him at The Wedding Feast of the Lamb as described in the Book of Revelations to John. The Wedding of Jesus Christ with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church occurs after the destruction of this old earth and the inauguration of the new earth, also known as The Land of Immortality. 

It is a tale of a cynical little angel that God sent to earth to learn about the mystical year of synchronic time and about His Betrothed.

My writing offers readers a fresh way of looking at and learning about orthodox Christianity.

The style is intended to help the mind and heart overcome old prejudices and awaken them to the Truth of God’s plan for the human-gods that were created in His image and likeness.


About the Blog

This blog is for those who take the line in the Nicene Creed seriously that says, “I await the resurrection of the dead and the life of the ages to come.” That is the life immortal into which Jesus Christ will someday usher renewed humans. For centuries these people have been called Christians, and they are still called Christians, but since Christianity has become such a broad term and Christ said that the gate into immortal life is narrow and difficult to squeeze through, then perhaps those few serious people would be better identified as “Aspiring Immortals”.


This blog is a journal of just such an Aspiring Immortal. Through stories, poems, and journal entries I teach orthodox Christianity. I am not a religious rebel, instead I’d rather identify with GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, and my favorite Saints such as Francis of Assisi, Chrysostom, and Climacus whose vision and creativity have guided so many aspiring immortals through this earthly life.


A companion to this blog is my book entitled “The Immortal Life (TIL).” TIL teaches orthodox Christianity to those who want to know the reason for life and death, good and evil. TIL explains it all from the fall of mankind to the annihilation of this planet with a refreshing contemporary voice that is at times even funny.


We all work very hard to improve life on this planet for ourselves and for each other. And yet there is so much more life has to offer. Aspiring immortals are the salt of this earth and the substance of the next one.

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    Lynn_Hopkins_bio_jpg-2912x118_jpgborder-1_white_1_black_7_white-bright-1_4.jpgI am an artist-theologian. An artist-theologian is an artist who has spent about thirty years studying the Bible, writings of the Saints, and communing with God. (note to self: Write a Memoir) I am an artist who put down my paintbrush and balled my clay to pick up the word as my medium of choice.

    • I wrote a book entitled The Immortal Life, currently awaiting publication, upon which this blog is based. The Immortal Life gives a marvelous account of God’s plan for humankind from Genesis to the new earth, the land of immortality.
    • I hold a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.
    • I taught art in Sierra Leone for the Peace Corps
    • I exhibited my painting and ceramic sculpture in Baltimore, Washington, DC and Las Vegas.
    • For love of people and money I run a food service design company. My company has designed cafeterias for important places like The New York Times Headquarters, the US Census Bureau, and the EPA.
    • My company newsletter is widely hailed as the best in the business, like the blog it can be funny, thought provoking, and informative.
    • I was a feature writer for the Mosaic, the newsletter of the Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral 
    • I was volunteer editor for the Orthodox Christian Network.
    • I have one other unpublished book, The Mark, which is a compilation of the commands of Jesus.
    • I am Greek Orthodox but my book is not about Orthodoxy, although I admit Orthodoxy informs my faith, and I try never to veer from its path.

    email me at or