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ALIVE is a book presented as a blog series about human life from its inception. It studies the purpose of life, the philosophy of life, and the difference between physical life and spiritual life. The book does this by delving into the relationship between humankind and its invisible but highly active and involved Creator.

Based on Biblical narrative ALIVE enters major events and fleshes them out. In so doing ALIVE makes discoveries about the origins and evolution of human life.

ALIVE combines imagination and scriptual accuracy to develop the themes of what it means to be much more than physically ALIVE. Although imaginative, ALIVE never contradicts Scripture. Enjoy and learn.

The Bride's Year

This is a series of posts that make up a story describing the Year of The Church. The Church is The Bride of Christ who will be married to Him at The Wedding Feast of the Lamb as described in the Book of Revelations to John. The Wedding of Jesus Christ with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church occurs after the destruction of this old earth and the inauguration of the new earth, also known as The Land of Immortality. 

It is a tale of a cynical little angel that God sent to earth to learn about the mystical year of synchronic time and about His Betrothed.

My writing offers readers a fresh way of looking at and learning about orthodox Christianity.

The style is intended to help the mind and heart overcome old prejudices and awaken them to the Truth of God’s plan for the human-gods that were created in His image and likeness.


About the Blog

This blog is for those who take the line in the Nicene Creed seriously that says, “I await the resurrection of the dead and the life of the ages to come.” That is the life immortal into which Jesus Christ will someday usher renewed humans. For centuries these people have been called Christians, and they are still called Christians, but since Christianity has become such a broad term and Christ said that the gate into immortal life is narrow and difficult to squeeze through, then perhaps those few serious people would be better identified as “Aspiring Immortals”.


This blog is a journal of just such an Aspiring Immortal. Through stories, poems, and journal entries I teach orthodox Christianity. I am not a religious rebel, instead I’d rather identify with GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, and my favorite Saints such as Francis of Assisi, Chrysostom, and Climacus whose vision and creativity have guided so many aspiring immortals through this earthly life.


A companion to this blog is my book entitled “The Immortal Life (TIL).” TIL teaches orthodox Christianity to those who want to know the reason for life and death, good and evil. TIL explains it all from the fall of mankind to the annihilation of this planet with a refreshing contemporary voice that is at times even funny.


We all work very hard to improve life on this planet for ourselves and for each other. And yet there is so much more life has to offer. Aspiring immortals are the salt of this earth and the substance of the next one.

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    In the olden days, many people considered themselves prudent and scientific by believing only in what they could see or touch. If something could be purchased with money, it was valuable. Matter sat on its throne and commanded kings and constables to profer practicality, and most people felt secure. Then Thomas Edison said, "Let there be light." And the practical people flipped switches from New York to New Delhi and saw the light and read at night and refused to spend too much time wondering how it worked because in their hearts they knew that it came from matter. A wire brought light to them, and they were glad. Another burp of surprise, then contentment, followed when Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone rang. Among the crowd, however, were those who worshipped an invisible God whom they claimed created everything that was visible and invisible. To them the invisible mattered. Churches and mosques, synagogues and temples were constructed upon designs of clever architects where believers could contemplate God and His invisible realm and where they would be separated for a time from the practical people whose took comfort in matter. The lovers of the invisible sang, and the practical ones ignored them. And the great and powerful Creator of the visible and invisible, gazed upon Earth to watch waves of believers ebb and flow through the centuries. Scientists and engineers moved fast through time until they confounded matter. Increasingly, the air filled with invisible activity. Wires reluctantly stepped down off the throne, and space shared the place where matter once reigned alone. The buildings for believers grew hollow, because the voice once loud in the hearts of their grandfathers and grandmothers was harder to hear and impossible to hear over the buzz of the busy air. They stopped bothering to pray and to sing. Believers became practical, and the practical started to believe in the invisible as technology usurped the place where God once reigned in His world of air. And that was how He introduced Himself to the practical ones. The invisible God of the invisible showed the contented people of matter how little they once knew about the power of air. Without cell phone or VoIP, He broadcast His wireless message of love-with-no-bribery and light-without-sun, and life-without-end. And He waited for them to believe.


    Waiting for Epiphany

    The first few days after the birth of anyone are magical. The baby jerks and coos; wincing eyes seek knowledge and soak up information. Wise men, women, and children come to visit with gifts of earthly necessities, mostly clothing. Soon after the baby arrives the threats begin. For little Emily or Jason it is scarcity, ear infections and milk supply; for the Christmas baby, Jesus, it is assassination.

    The years go by fast for Emily and Jason, but even faster for Jesus who turns thirty in twelve calendar days.

    Each of us is born with a mission. For some, the mission is clear and being pursued; for others God only knows the mission and we can only hope it is achieved. By the time we are thirty most of us are in full mission mode. When he was thirty, Jesus was ready to turn his world upside down, talk to foreign women, heal on the Sabbath and destroy death. He knew the spirit of the Law better than anyone and aimed to demonstrate it. But first He needed a nod from God. Without it, Jesus may have been crucified a lot sooner.

    On January 6th, Jesus went to the Jordan River to be baptized by John. No sooner did he emerge from the sea than the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove and landed on his shoulders. Then a voice came from heaven which said, “You are my beloved son, in you I am well pleased.” That was when the special connection between Creator and Son first went public.

    On the day when God lets the people around you know how special you are to Him, hopefully you won’t have to be half naked in the middle of a river. Hopefully, you will be able to proceed with the power to make your world a much saner and compassionate place where the spirit of the Law reigns supreme.

    Most businesses have mission statements that define who they are and what they aim to achieve. A personal mission statement is a good idea. Describe your mission in a paragraph and then aim to live it one day at a time. Start it with the epiphany that you are God’s own creation and that you want to please Him.


    Christmas Goodies

    Are you enjoying the buttery-sweet delights of the season? Now, please take a moment to gobble up this delicious morsel of Christmas food for thought.

    The Christmas miracle is that a young virgin became pregnant and birthed the Son of God. That is hard to believe. After all, what creative teenage girl would not want to come up with an excuse like that? Yet, as creative as any girl can be, God is a much more original thinker.

    By giving the Virgin Mary a spiritual chromosome so real that it could unite with her own, God not only created His own fleshly Son, He created the prototype for all children of God. Think about it. Every child of God has had a similar conception. Every time a person is baptized, the physical mother Church links with the invisible Holy Spirit of God the Father and poof, a brand new person is conceived!

    Yes, baptism is a reenactment of Easter when we die with Christ but it is also when we are born as He was too! An immortal Christian is born like Jesus, lives like Him and never dies like Him. The virgin birth is really not so hard to believe; it happens every time a person is baptized. The Christmas miracle is not only true; it is repeated in each and every potentially immortal child of God. See Christmas; think about your own virgin birth. Celebrate.


    Immortals Beware: Christmas is Coming!

    Immortals love Christmastime. It’s hard not to be deliriously happy that Jesus Christ was born. Without this birth we would still be bouncing around the planet aimlessly, working and sleeping, playing and fighting like pinballs trying to hit little goals for imaginary wealth.

    The birth of Jesus is a birth of brilliant potential. He looks like a baby, probably cries and sleeps like one too but we know that this helpless living doll will demonstrate what God made humanity to be like. God made human beings to dominate nature, to be compassionate, to love Him and to trust Him implicitly. God made human beings to be like Himself! God made Adam immortal, and a few thousand years or so later, God made Jesus immortal. When that Christmas baby grows up, he will not only show his friends and neighbors how to be the kind of guy that makes God proud of humanity, he will give humans all the help they need to become immortal too.

    See the baby, know his mission; celebrate. Remember yourself as a baby or as a little child, then see yourself as one of God’s chosen persons living with Him on the new earth. Think ahead, look back…don’t get dizzy.

    Little baby Jesus grows up to usher human beings, one at a time, to the land of immortality. Celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth is celebrating the man who trusted God better than Adam did. He helps the children of men to know and to love the unknowable Creator of our planet and of our universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Ishmael and Muhammad, the one God of Plato and Socrates. Peace, we share loving the multi-faceted God. In unison let’s give three cheers for that baby!

    Immortals beware; Mr. Grinch and Mr. Scrooge want to steal your joy! They want you to feel stressed and to give grudgingly. They want you to cower in the face of a kind of multiculturalism that erases Christ from Christmas, and then erases Christmas. At this beginning of the dawn of Christmastime, get centered, think about the best way that you can give and receive joy. Do no more, and no less. Plan a joyous season to receive one. Christmas is the buzzword for being unabashedly brave about trusting God. Say it as often as you can. It makes the baby giggle.


    The Immortal Life- A Preview

    Good morning Immortal,

    Welcome to my blog on!

    It’s time for a reality check. Okay now maybe you just woke up, like I did, and your mind just reset itself to world-time. First you remembered who you are, then where. Then all of the emotions of the night before probably were loaded up too, mmm was I anxious, content, frustrated? Oh yeah! Okay got that back. It’s so important to keep the continuum going from day to day (not).

    How about really waking up this morning? Instead of going back to yesterday go back to immortal life consciousness.

    Hi God! Listen, before I load up yesterday, do you want to tell me if you have anything you need me to do today? ………….Okay, got it.

    1. Remember I love you and you love me, so whatever others say or do that hurts or angers zero it out, and then smile. Like with mosquito bites, don’t scratch.
    2. Get in prayer mode, open up the lines of communication wide so they can override the busyness.
    3. Spend a few minutes imagining the new world.

    That was my list, He may tell you something a little more relevant to what He wants you to know today. Practice listening. But I think every one of us should spend a few minutes every day imagining the new world. This exercise will help put today in perspective.

    For my friends out there who want a little jump start on imagining the new world, I’ll set the scene and you go there, okay?

    1. First - since too many people think the land of immortality is on cloud nine or out in the country, don’t go there. Imagine a town with mountains all around. The light is warm but very bright.
    2. Second – pick three people who you want to be there with you and probably made it. They can even be saints you want to know.
    3. Give yourselves a task. We are going to work in the garden today; do you three want to come along?
    4. Chatter chatter chatter, everyone is so full of things to say they forget to take turns.
    5. Feel the peace. No elections, no wars, no money problems, no sickness.

    Spend a few minutes there, and now go back and forth a couple of times from here to there to get a good image of the contrast.

    Okay, now it’s time to get out of bed. Have a good day! Stay tuned!!!! If today is a fighting day, remember that peace wins peace! God be with you.

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