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ALIVE is a book presented as a blog series about human life from its inception. It studies the purpose of life, the philosophy of life, and the difference between physical life and spiritual life. The book does this by delving into the relationship between humankind and its invisible but highly active and involved Creator.

Based on Biblical narrative ALIVE enters major events and fleshes them out. In so doing ALIVE makes discoveries about the origins and evolution of human life.

ALIVE combines imagination and scriptual accuracy to develop the themes of what it means to be much more than physically ALIVE. Although imaginative, ALIVE never contradicts Scripture. Enjoy and learn.

The Bride's Year

This is a series of posts that make up a story describing the Year of The Church. The Church is The Bride of Christ who will be married to Him at The Wedding Feast of the Lamb as described in the Book of Revelations to John. The Wedding of Jesus Christ with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church occurs after the destruction of this old earth and the inauguration of the new earth, also known as The Land of Immortality. 

It is a tale of a cynical little angel that God sent to earth to learn about the mystical year of synchronic time and about His Betrothed.

My writing offers readers a fresh way of looking at and learning about orthodox Christianity.

The style is intended to help the mind and heart overcome old prejudices and awaken them to the Truth of God’s plan for the human-gods that were created in His image and likeness.


About the Blog

This blog is for those who take the line in the Nicene Creed seriously that says, “I await the resurrection of the dead and the life of the ages to come.” That is the life immortal into which Jesus Christ will someday usher renewed humans. For centuries these people have been called Christians, and they are still called Christians, but since Christianity has become such a broad term and Christ said that the gate into immortal life is narrow and difficult to squeeze through, then perhaps those few serious people would be better identified as “Aspiring Immortals”.


This blog is a journal of just such an Aspiring Immortal. Through stories, poems, and journal entries I teach orthodox Christianity. I am not a religious rebel, instead I’d rather identify with GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, and my favorite Saints such as Francis of Assisi, Chrysostom, and Climacus whose vision and creativity have guided so many aspiring immortals through this earthly life.


A companion to this blog is my book entitled “The Immortal Life (TIL).” TIL teaches orthodox Christianity to those who want to know the reason for life and death, good and evil. TIL explains it all from the fall of mankind to the annihilation of this planet with a refreshing contemporary voice that is at times even funny.


We all work very hard to improve life on this planet for ourselves and for each other. And yet there is so much more life has to offer. Aspiring immortals are the salt of this earth and the substance of the next one.

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    A Pool of Gems

    The royal blue gem disturbed me, the one of Saint John Chrysostom which said that when the heart has received hurt, it affects the body accordingly. A good heart uses the pain as a kind of ingredient to send vigor to the rest of the body, which I suppose includes the mind; a weak heart sends poisons to the mind and throughout the bloodstream.

    Cancer and disease probably ensue from that bad blood. Anyway, that’s what my dying father told me. He said that resentment was a black poison that runs through your bloodstream until it kills you. I wonder if he too found that blue gem on the Lenten shore when it was too late.

    As I strolled along the long wide shore contemplating my weak heart I must admit I was beginning to despair when a little pool of gems caught my eye in the distance.

    The gems glistened near each other. They called me to pick them up all together. When I did the warm sand sifted through my fingers. Then they chanted in perfect harmony, “For a weak heart we are exercise, for a sick heart, we are medicine.”

    When the chanting ceased the gems delivered their messages to me one by one. The first gem, a pink Climacus gem, told me to seek healing right after the blow. It said a fresh wound is easier to heal than an old neglected and festering one.

    The second, an emerald green Climacus gem, chimed in to remind me that if the Holy Spirit is peace of soul, as He is said to be and indeed He is, and if anger is disturbance of the heart, then there is no greater obstacle to the presence of Spirit in me than anger.

    The third, an amethyst Climacus gem, told me a story. It said that there were three men who received the same arrow to their hearts at the same time. The first felt it keenly, but did not speak; the second was delighted by the thought of the reward the injury would bring him and he felt compassion for the wrongdoer; the third wept fervently at the thought of the harm his offending neighbor was suffering. At work, the gems explained, were fear, the sense of reward due, and love.

    I was in awe but I wanted to cry when I heard these gems speak. Somehow I felt worse to know how I had failed my mind and my heart for so many years. They shined so brightly and I was so dull. But they inspired in me a desire to own them. They grew warmer in my hand at that thought but asked me to lay them back on the shore for other pilgrims to find. Then they promised me more like them on my journey. I kissed each of them good-bye when I set them down but the first gem called me a fool because only the shine of them would be left behind. It told me that by the warmth I had felt in my hand their messages already began to work on my heart.

    I don’t want to die.


    War and Peace

    Gem #2

    Very early in my stroll down the Lenten beach my eye caught sight of this royal blue gem. I can’t remember if it was the first or the second since the gems come out of my pocket in a different order. When I saw this gem I knew instantly that it was valuable like a diamond that spits shiny rainbow stars. It’s valuable because it’s something that everyone wants but only a few people have. You’ll see what I mean later.

    Everyone hates war because we can’t stand the thought of the bloody mess that separates fleshy bonds of love, like sons from mothers. Meanwhile, almost every single person alive fires invisible arrows that cause invisible bloody wounds that don’t just separate flesh, but worse. The bloody mess that invisible arrows cause can dissolve love completely. I’d rather be separated in the flesh and close in love than to be separated from love and close in flesh. Who wouldn’t? The invisible world of the spirit needs more anti-war activists.

    Most people shoot their arrows without even knowing it. Others shoot without a target at all because they just like to shoot. Some people work at being good archers. It doesn’t matter whether you got shot by an intentional arrow or an unintentional one, it hurts and you want an aspirin.

    God knows that aspiring immortals will never be shielded from invisible bullets and arrows, not even if they flee to the desert to escape sharp-shooters, so there must be some good that can come from invisible war, and this is what it is.

    Saint John Chrysostom placed this gem on my beach early on to help me see how far I have to go before I am ready for the land of immortality.

    When the heart has received hurt, it affects the whole body accordingly. If its temperament be disordered, it mars all, if it be rightly ordered, it profits all. If any other part of the body should become corrupt, while the heart remains sound, it easily shakes off what is evil in them also.

    In my words: no one can hurt an immortal heart. A stabbed immortal heart can even heal an aching body.

    The most important thing aspiring immortals can do is to make sure that they have not deluded themselves into thinking that the land of milk and honey is just around the corner. That’s why piercing arrows and disappointments may actually be heaven-sent cardiograms.


    The Easter-n Echo

    Today the Eastern Sister celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ loudly. Lent is finished. Mother has painted the crucifixion Story with small fine strokes and golden light-filled hues, dipping her brush into the well of prophets and angels. The door to immortality has been opened to humanity.

    I promised to pass around the gems that I collected on the Lenten shore. I won’t dump my pockets like they were sandy seashells. Instead, I’ll take one out at a time and polish it up before I pass it on, okay?

    When you receive it feel free to lick it and rub it on your chest to see if it glows for you. Then, pass it on.

    But you must first wash your hands. Gems are easily sullied by the grunge of the world and human body oils of unwashed hands. Here is a little linen cloth to place the gem on that you will receive. Keep the cloth for the next gem.

    Your immortal soul is easily deceived by the cares of the world and the pride of life. Whatever separates you from love separates you from life. LOVE is the linen cloth.

    Gem Number One:

    The world says that you are known by the company you keep. How then did Judas, who hung out with Disciples, and hear every word that came out of the golden mouth of the golden man----Christ, become so treacherous? And also, how did the robber who was crucified beside Christ, who hung out with demons inside and out end up becoming the first to land on the heavenly moon?

    A man is not known by the company (s)he keeps, but by the kind of spirit (s)he entertains in his or her heart.


    May You Rise Too

    I have been blog-quiet for the past few Lenten weeks because it has been a time of drinking the nectar of the Saints and of the Church. I will return to share with you, my readers, the gems that I found on the long Lenten shore as described in an earlier blog. It has been quite an interesting journey. For today, Holy Friday in the East, I want simply to wish you peace and joy in this life as well as the grace and the ability to make it to the finish line. More than ever, I am aware of how much of a testing ground, a training camp this planet is for aspiring God-like humans. Our real immortal world will be so much the better for it.

    Psychologists should learn from the theologians, and you may want to as well. Books like the Philokalia and John Climacas' Ladder of Divine Ascent penetrate the soul and the psyche to help us shed the mud that would cling to our feet, pile up and eventually suffocate us.

    Thanking God for extinguishing death, and you for coming to visit me here.

    Peace (it's almost over.)


    The Never Ending Easter

    A giant sigh of relief bellows from the behind the western hills. It is the chorus of Christians who have completed the days of abstinence, some from meat others from television and beer. No matter how far or relatively short their steps out of the world were, out of the world they were and glad to be back. With them enter a certain paschal glow, and a bevy of mysterious Mona Lisa smiles.

    While in the east, on the other side of the valley of the shadow of death, the full moon calls for Passover, the days when yamaka protected heads walk in groups of four and five to Temple to worship the powerful God who parted the Red Sea so grandparents could escape the tyranny of slavery. And on each side of their path stand the Orthodox Christ-lovers, heads bowed with respect and patience as the yamakas pass-by.

    Deep in Lenten love, learning how to listen, how to be humble, how to pray; the people of the East visit the souls of saints through their writings. This is the season of transformation. The time will have passed too quickly when it’s over, when the Son has risen in the East.

    Lent will finally end for everyone, Passover passes too, but Easter never ends. Jesus will always be alive, healing, making miracles of millions of fish, showing dominion over demons, and wishing people would walk on water. He is still the go-between, the facilitator and the biggest brother. He still loves to teach and to outwit the nitwits, and He still loves to demonstrate the difference between truth and ego. Some things never change. Easter never ends.